Civil Litigation

"Litigation" is the process where disputes are resolved through a formal process in court. From beginning to end, a civil lawsuit that goes all the way to trial can last as long as three years. Before the trial, parties may have to respond to written interrogatories, produce documents, and appear at depositions and court hearings. Trials can last days, weeks, or even months, depending on the type of case. Even when the trial is over, the case may not be; one or more parties may appeal the judgment. The appeal could last for several more years. Thankfully, most cases eventually are resolved through out-of-court settlements prior to trial. However, the best settlement results come from thorough trial preparation, and the settlements can be achieved more quickly when the preparation in the early stages is aggressive. I prepare each case as though it will go to trial. That kind of preparation puts clients in a position of strength, which is the best bargaining position. And if the case does not settle, the client will be ready for trial. I litigate virtually any type of dispute for both plaintiffs and defendants -- large and small. For more information, contact the office or go to the Ask me a Question section of this Website.