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Finding investors to launch your business

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Business Law |

You have a business idea. It’s a surefire hit. You just do not have the money to get it off the ground. You need investors.

Maybe you already have the pitch. You just do not know who to give it to. How can you locate the right people for this opportunity? Here are a few things to try:

  • Networking. Talk to other people in this space. Get to know them. Meet their friends. Talk about your ideas. Often, someone knows someone else who is looking for just the opportunity you have to offer.
  • Looking online. The internet makes it easier than ever to find the right connections. You do need to be careful to make sure it is legit, but investors may advertise that they’re looking for new businesses to support.
  • Crowdfunding. Who says you need one single investor who can provide all of that start-up cash? You may be able to crowdfund it by “selling” products in advance.
  • Mentors. Who have you worked with? Who have you learned from? They trust you more than a third party. They may be glad to help you out.
  • Family members. Again, it’s all about trust. They know you better than anyone. They may support your dreams.
  • Accelerator programs. Investment firms often set these up to give new businesses an edge. These boot camps can help you meet people and find funding.

No matter how you find your investors, remember that this is a huge step that you’re taking. It’s incredibly important that you know about your legal options to protect your company and your financial future.