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Businesses can resolve disputes in different ways

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Business Law |

A disagreement between business partners or a business and one of its vendors can create stress and problems for a Massachusetts entity. Resolving disputes can be difficult when the parties are not equipped to deal with the legal ramifications of their relationships. When disagreements come up in the business world, it is often wise to involve a business law attorney.

There are many ways that business entities can work through their disagreements. For some, litigation may be the only way to bring about a solution to a problem that could not otherwise be managed. Litigation involves filing a lawsuit and working through the courts to resolve the differences between the parties.

Other businesses may turn to mediation to work through their conflicts. Mediation is generally a non-binding process in which the parties and a mediator come together to discuss their problem and their options for fixing it. The parties can decide to resolve their differences based on their negotiations with the mediator, or they may move their disputes to court through litigation if necessary.

Between litigation and mediation is arbitration, which is similar to mediation but is generally binding on the parties. Often a business will include in its business contracts the means through which disputes may be managed and whether certain disputes are not subject to litigation. Readers with questions about what their business contracts state can talk to their business law attorneys about their particular documents.

This informational post should not be read as legal advice. All case and conflict-specific questions should be answered by professionals who are familiar with their clients’ unique cases. Resolving business disputes can be complicated, but legal support from attorneys can smooth the process for all involved.