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How does black ice form?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Injuries |

One of the most dangerous hazards that you can face in the winter is black ice. It can make the road incredibly slick, unexpectedly, and it often leads to drivers losing control. A single crash can then start a chain reaction as all of the drivers behind cannot slow down in time due to the same ice.

Of course, black ice is not actually black. It is simply so clear that you can see the dark color of the road through it. This means that people often don’t even realize that they’re driving on ice, so they don’t slow down or take any other precautions. Black ice is dangerous not just because it creates a slick roadway, but also because it is surprising and hard to identify. Why does it form this way?

A thin layer of water

The trouble with black ice is that it usually forms when there is a thin layer of water on the pavement and then the temperature dramatically drops. This water freezes quickly and smoothly, which makes it blend in.

This is very different from the jagged, white sort of ice that can form during a storm, when snow is actively falling and cars are driving through it. Black ice forms without any snow or any other sign, so it is virtually impossible to see. It becomes even more dangerous if a layer of ice forms and then snow falls on top of it, covering it up and making drivers think that they merely have to deal with a few centimeters of powder.

Chain reaction accidents are going to happen on the black ice this winter. Those who are seriously injured need to know how to seek financial compensation.