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Protecting your business’s sensitive data from internal threats

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Intellectual Property |

Internal threats arise in any business—whether small or medium-sized. When you have sensitive and proprietary data on the line, you can mitigate these threats by training employees and having them sign relevant contracts or agreements to prevent theft or misuse. Employees manage company data best when they have a clear understanding of security policies and procedures.

But what happens when training and agreements do not protect you from an employee’s carelessness and misuse of access?

Let’s dive into three ways you can take to protect your business from potential threats.

Implementing access control

To protect your business against a data breach and avoid negligent activity, you need to control employee access. You can implement company security policies like acceptable use (e.g., email addresses, passwords, or company resources). You might also go a step further by allowing access only to resources they need to perform their duties as employees.

Monitoring employee activity

Some employers install employee monitoring software to detect data breaches and the theft of company property. Finding the best software for your organization can be a long-term solution to preventing internal threats due to its capability of finding potential threats for you.

Separation of duties

Separation of duties segregates tasks and responsibilities among multiple individuals. It prevents one person from having complete control over critical systems or data, reducing the risk of internal threats.

Potential threats to the security of your business assets can be right inside your own company. As a business owner, it is up to you to look after your business, mitigate internal threats and run it with confidence. By doing so, you can ensure its success.