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Aggressive Representation When Legal Issues Require Litigation

Business disputes are resolved through a formal process in court. From beginning to end, a civil lawsuit that goes all the way to trial can last as long as three years. Before the trial, parties may have to respond to written interrogatories, produce documents, and appear at depositions and court hearings.

Trials can last for days, weeks, or even months, depending on the type of case. Even when the trial is over, the case may not be; one or more parties may appeal the judgment. The appeal could last for several more years.

Thankfully, most cases are resolved, eventually, through out-of-court settlements prior to trial. However, the best settlement results come from thorough trial preparation, and the settlements can be achieved more quickly when the preparation in the early stages is aggressive.

I am attorney Seth H. Salinger. By preparing each case as though it will go to trial, I put my clients in a position of strength, which is the best position to be in any dispute. For more information, contact my office.

Creative Protection When Intangible Assets Are At Risk

  • You just thought of a brilliant idea for a TV show. You want to pitch it to a Hollywood producer, but you don’t want anybody to copy your idea. How do you protect it?
  • You’re ready to launch a national brand of low carbohydrate frozen meals. You have a catchy name for your product. How can you make certain that nobody else is already using the same name?
  • You took some photos a few years ago and lent them to a friend who admired them and then returned them. You just saw your photographs in a national magazine advertisement. Nobody asked for your permission or paid you any royalties.

How do you protect and enforce your rights to your work? These are examples of copyright law and intellectual property issues that I address for my clients.

Growing The Value Of Business Assets

Marks, logos, words, or designs that identify products are trademarks. If they identify services, they are known as service marks. Only marks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are entitled to nationwide legal protection. Owners of unregistered marks also have certain legal rights that can be enforced in court.

I prosecute state and federal trademark and service mark applications and litigate claims of infringement, cybersquatting, trade secrets violations, and unfair business practices in state and federal court for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Making Contracts Stick And Avoiding Conflict

A contract could be hundreds of pages long, or it could be based on a verbal agreement and a handshake. Some contracts must be in writing to be enforceable. Some contracts are valid for only a few years. Some contracts provide that they are enforceable only in certain jurisdictions or forums, and some put a cap on the types of damages that can be recovered in the event of a breach. All parties to contracts have certain basic rights, even if the rights are not spelled out explicitly in the body of the contract.

I draft, review, edit, and negotiate a wide variety of contracts. I also litigate breach of contract and related claims in state and federal court and before arbitration panels and administrative agencies.

Profiting With A Conscience In Business And Commercial Law Matters

I represent businesses in a wide variety of business and commercial matters, including:

  • Contract negotiation and claims
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property protection
  • Unfair competition claims, infringement claims
  • Business formation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Mechanic’s lien enforcement
  • Litigation
  • Litigation avoidance
  • Debtor-creditor issues

Representation For Both Debtors And Creditors

  • You’re owed a large sum of money by somebody who’s threatening to file for bankruptcy. What do you do?
  • Your company is having cash flow problems, and your secured lender is threatening to foreclose. How do you protect your company and salvage your investment?

I represent debtors and creditors in a wide variety of debt collection and asset recovery situations involving negotiation, litigation avoidance, and litigation.

Building A Solid Legal Foundation With Construction Law

  • You’re a subcontractor on a residential subdivision project. Your company completed its work timely and appropriately, but now the owner is refusing to pay you, even though homes are starting to be sold in the subdivision. How do you protect, secure, and enforce your claim for uncompensated labor, materials, and equipment?
  • You’re a property owner and a contractor has submitted wildly inflated invoices or payment requisitions. The work is only half completed, and the contractor refuses to complete unless you pay the ransom. How do you get the work completed and avoid giving in to the contractor’s unreasonable demands?

I represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of construction issues from lien protection and negotiation to litigation.

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