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Accessible And Easy To Talk To

My name is Seth H. Salinger. I am a litigation, appellate, business, trademark, copyright and general torts attorney practicing throughout the Greater Boston, Massachusetts, area. Set up a free initial consultation with me by phone or in person or ask me a question by email.

I am easy to talk to. I will discuss your issue with you respectfully and efficiently. Whenever possible and appropriate, I will recommend a course of action (which in some cases, may be no action at all).

I want to demystify the legal process for people who don’t deal with it every day. People who understand what is going on make the best clients and get the best results for themselves. I won’t have the answers to all your questions, but I will listen to you and talk to you with respect.

Set up a free initial consultation with me, Seth H. Salinger, or ask me a question about your legal concern by email.