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Comprehensive Guidance On The Foundations Of Business Agreements

A well-drafted contract should serve as the foundation of any business agreement. All too often, poorly written contracts leave the rights and obligations of businesses ambiguously defined and lead to contentious contract disputes and other business disputes.

I am Seth H. Salinger, a business contract lawyer in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts, metro area focusing on preventing litigation associated with contract disputes.

Ask me about the importance of preventing contract disputes by thorough and proper drafting, editing, negotiating and reviewing of business contracts.

How Contracts Can Provoke Disputes

Poorly written contracts invite contract disputes. Well-written contracts, tailored to the occasion, maximize business profits, minimize expense and avoid risk.

Comprehensive and thorough contract formation is one of the chief ways that your business avoids disputes. If disputes do occur, a well-crafted contract is the best protection and assurance of the outcome you intend.

I draft, review, revise and litigate many types of contracts, including:

  • Operating agreements
  • Employment/contractor agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Work-made-for-hire agreements
  • Entertainment, book and art contracts
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements
  • Commercial purchase and sale contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Business purchase offers

Discuss Your Legal Issue With A Lawyer

Schedule a free initial consultation with me by phone or in person, or ask me a question about drafting and litigating contracts by email. Call my office at 617-340-7821.