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Empowering You Through Consumer Protection

The law is supposed to be about fairness, equity, and empowerment. Often, companies lose sight of the first two principles, and in the quest for profit, they run afoul of some contract, statute, or doctrine that has been established to protect the very customers they are supposed to serve. When that happens, individuals can become empowered to assert their rights under a variety of federal and state laws that prohibit unfair business practices. But it can be overwhelming to act as one’s own attorney general. I have worked with many persons to get their money back, or get their product or property repaired or replaced, or to stop an unfair collection practice or an unfair eviction or in some other way, to have things made right. I work together collaboratively with my clients, whether it’s preparing a demand letter or filing a lawsuit. Because even the best attorneys general need experienced partners when success is on the line.

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