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Protecting Valuable Intangible Assets

The property of your business is not only your office space, computers and other tangible items. Property can also include intangible items, including words, images and ideas.

I am attorney Seth H. Salinger. I have assisted business owners across the southwest Boston metro area for over three decades. Whether you have something valuable to protect or need representation in an infringement dispute, I can guide you to make informed decisions.

A Deeper Look Into Intellectual Property

There are three main categories of intellectual property:

  • Copyright. This is a federal protection for literary, musical and other artistic works, providing individuals with exclusive rights to their work. It prohibits others from producing, distributing or displaying similar work.
  • Trademark. This is an identifiable mark, including logos, words or other designs. Marks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are nationally protected, although those with unregistered marks may still have legal rights within trademark law.
  • Trade secret. This is a secret but vital component of a business. It could be a secret recipe or a crucial part to machinery. The discovery of trade secrets by competitors could be detrimental to your company. The law protects such assets.

Protecting what makes your company unique is often crucial to its continued success. I can identify how to register or renew legal registrations for your copyrights and trademarks, enforce those registrations and fight attempts to infringe upon your intellectual property rights.

Discuss Your Intellectual Property Needs With A Lawyer

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