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Proactive Measures To Guard Vital Business Components

You have worked hard for your business to be successful. Much of that success may be dependent on a critical recipe, process or piece of information. The exposure of such information to competitors could be catastrophic for your business.

I am attorney Seth H. Salinger. I have assisted small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area for over three decades. With crowded markets and the sensitivity of valuable information, it is vital to protect the trade secrets that sustain your business’s competitive edge.

The Need For Preventive Action

Your business may employ a mix of internal employees, external partners, new hires and more. Additionally, insufficient security measures may expose the vulnerability of your confidential information. How can you prevent someone from taking your ideas?

Protecting Your Trade Secrets

In working with me, I will:

  • Inform you of protective measures to take
  • Ensure that you are doing all you can under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act
  • Advise on confidentiality provisions to include in contracts
  • Provide guidance on implementing other security measures
  • Represent you in a dispute if the information is compromised

While you must take reasonable measures to secure your trade secrets, sometimes such actions are not enough to protect against carelessness, a hack or more. Should your trade secrets be exposed, I can guide you throughout the process of taking legal action.

Speak With A Lawyer

The most important thing you can do as a business owner is to be proactive. Schedule a no-cost, initial consultation with me at my Newton office or over the phone. Call my office at 617-340-7821 or send me an email.